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Our Recent Work


Devlopment site as a Chopati Near Bhadkeswar Mahadev Temple

Head :- Tourism Grant Year 2006-2007

Bhadkeswar Mahadev Temple situated at Sea Shore of Dwarka. Dwarka Nagar Palika devlope this site as a chopati and constrect a linking Road between Sunset Point and Bhadkeswar Mahadev Temple. and also facility pilgrim shed, Playing equipents, sitting arrangement lighting work and sand filling in site. Today Many People and tourist enjoying this Chopati.

Construction of “Meera Garden”

Head :- Swarnim Jayanti Mukhay Mantri Saheri Vikas Yojna, and 13th Finance Commission Grant.

In Dwarka long time there is no any public garden, so Dwarka Nagar Palika Constrect First garden in Dwarka named “Meera Garden” Today many peoples and tourist come in this garden and enjoying there are many facility like sitting arrangments, 400 mt. long walk way , sanitation unit, water room, skating ring, ladies gymnesium room with equipment, children playing equipments, swarnim kalas, meera mandir, food court etc. facility in garden.
Dwarka known as a lord Krishna nagari. Meerabai was famous for Krishna Bhakti but there is no any sign in Dwarka for meerabai, So, we decide the gardent name “Meera Garden” and after about 600 hundrad year “Meera Maa” again coming Dwarka. We and meerama’s birth place Medta City’s president construct also Meera mandir in Meera Garden.